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TaHa Cooking Paste

Do you ever feel tired going back home only to realize you have no idea what to cook?

As much as we enjoy cooking, it still consumes a lot of our time on meal planning, grocery shopping, preparation, and cooking.

Fret not, Introducing Taha Cafe’s latest product – TaHa Cooking Paste. TaHa Cooking Paste can definitely solve your problems in the kitchen.

The combination of natural ingredients and spices with no preservatives has become a favourite among many during gatherings and festive seasons.

We offer 5 types of TaHa Cooking Paste for you to choose from:

✅  Asam Pedas Paste
✅  Chicken & Meat Curry Paste
✅  Fish Curry Paste
✅  Sambal Masak Merah Paste
✅  Rempah Kurma Paste

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