TaHa Food

TaHa Cafe

TAHA CAFÉ is our all dining restaurant featuring a well-balance menu of local and western dishes using fresh local produce. Our signature breakfast is Terengganu Nasi Dagang while lunch and dinner are served on ala carte menu.

Anjung Cafe

ANJUNG CAFÉ has an airy feel enhanced by its elegant design and theatrical elements including a tea & pastry station. If it is just refreshment that you require, stop by for a gourmet coffee or tea, or a classic evening cocktail and fresh juice.

TaHa Food

“Always Ready” Wherever you are, it can be taken anywhere and easy to cook

Korban & Aqiqah

Korban and Aqiqah are now even simpler. We specialize in providing Korban (during Aidil Adha) and Aqiqah (all year round) services and we do cook the meat to perfection based on your preferred menu. Leave the hassle with us and we give you satisfaction in return.